This demo site includes: PowerPack Lite
CB Custom Modules Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder Lite/  WPD BB additions
Also Beaver Themer and Pods are added for testing.


David Waumsley
Chap who makes websites


This is a "work in progress" and goes with videos over at and YouTube.


PowerPack by IdeaBox Creation was launched in June 2016 and was an instant success.  

The lite version contains 5 Custom Modules & the popular Row Separator effects.

The Pro version presently has over 30 custom modules and over 100 Templates.



CB Custom Modules

Current Modules

  • Poise - an adaptation of WordPress's image gallery with light box
  • Shade -  sleek hover effects & colors to your background images.
  • Spotlight - Create your own custom links on one side that each replaces the 'spotlight' photo on the other.
  • Broadside - Horizontal slider. Responsive and responds to touch on mobile. 
  • Scout - Sticky navbar that fixes to the top of the screen when it gets there, allowing smooth scrolling to other elements on the page.
  • Dust - Uses Particles.js library.Helps you make custom heros with interactive, animated backgrounds.
  • Slice - Animated photo gallery with stacked, 'sliding cards' effect.  

J7 Digital

J7 Digital has a bunch of individual modules created by Jay Ovens-Henig.

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